Bitumen and WSP 2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen!The company "CREON ENERGY" invites you to take part in the Seventh international conference "Bitumen and WSP 2018" to be held on 11 September 2018 at the hotel "Baltschug Kempinski Moscow"

Bitumen and WSP 2018

Russia, Moscow and Moscow region., Moscow, The Hotel "Baltschug Kempinski", Moscow

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

The company «CREON ENERGY» invites you to take part in the Seventh international conference «Bitumen and WSP 2018», which will take place on 11 September 2018 at the hotel «Baltschug Kempinski Moscow».

For several years the Agency aims to implement the transition from a 6-year turnaround cycles for 12-year-old and 24-year terms for capital repairs for non-rigid road pavements. The Minister repeatedly noted that the program is successful, and in 2019 more than 82% of Federal highways will be given to the regulatory state and international standards. Especially in the coming years, spending on roads will exceed 11 trillion, about the same time Vladimir Putin in March of this year, said in a message to the Federal Assembly.

At the same time, experts note that it often happens that the theoretical calculations do not match with the real situation. In other words, the road condition worsens (and will get worse) faster than a programme of repair. Changes in temperature, the growth of traffic, increase capacity of vehicles – all this, undoubtedly, affects the quality of the roadway. How much of the planned renovation dates coincide with the practical needs of road builders?

Handling the problem of quality of roads in the country, the state bypasses the problem of double (in the literal sense of the word) standards for bitumen and bituminous binder. Acting simultaneously, the Soviet GOST and GOST adopted in 2016, the refinery put in a strange position: the standard by which to release the product, so he was definitely in demand on the market? Because Federal highways in need of innovative bitumen, and road-street network of asphalted the old fashioned way. The ABS indicate that the difference in the production of these two types of bitumen is quite small. Perhaps we should all come to a standard that meets international requirements? In any case, to initiate this process should state that while distanciruemsa from the decision of a question.

An alternative could be the failure of the internal Standards and the transition to the international system of Superpave and PG mark – world experience has proved that this is a big and important step to increase the overhaul life of the pavement. Together they will contribute to the prevention of the onset temperature treshinoobrazovaniya, which undoubtedly will increase the durability of the pavement. In Russia there are examples of using Superpave (though in our country it is being implemented under the title «SPAS»): the methodology was applied for 10 Federal highways, including increased traffic, and has shown itself perfectly.

Speaking about the importance of bitumen for the road industry, it is not necessary to forget and about the role of binders. It is especially great in Russia, where the climatic conditions differ considerably depending on the region. And that selection of the correct binder is able to extend the service life of the pavement. In the GOST R 52056-2003 are given in the main characteristics of the different brands of PBV, however, not specified recommendations for their application.

The market of bitumen and WSP is one of the main factors in the development of road construction in Russia. In this regard, the CREON group proposes to discuss the state and prospects of the bituminous industry at the specialized business conference, which has for many years been the leading discussion platform for market players.

Glad to see you! For more information about the event you can get in the organizing Committee: +7 (495) 276-77-88,

Conference Director: Alexander Zaikin,

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Bitumen and WSP 2018
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