The price of sunflower increased by 4.5% for the week

In mid-December harvesting prodoljayutsya the price of sunflower in the European part of Russia for a week have grown on 800 RUB to 18.6 thousand rubles

The price of sunflower increased by 4.5% for the week

In mid-December, the harvest work continue

The average price for sunflower in the European part of Russia for a week have grown on 800 RUB to 18.6 thousand rubles per ton, the highest level since September, showed price monitoring of the analytical centre «Sovekon». The «prices supported by strong demand of the mills concerned about protracted cleaning and deteriorating views of the new crop of sunflowers», — reported the analysts of the centre. Export prices for sunflower oil remains at $745/ton (FOB), the average domestic price decreased by 425 thousand rubles to 44 rubles/T.

Meanwhile, sunflower harvesting is still ongoing due to abnormally warm weather in the European part of the country. According to the agriculture Ministry, 15 Dec sunflower were thrashed, which has 6.8 million ha or 87% of the harvest area. In the last week the crop was harvested from 229 thousand hectares, and from the beginning of December — with 370 thousand hectares. Thus, harvested area was able to overcome the levels 2014-2015 in absolute terms, said «Sovekon». By mid-December, produced 10.3 million tons of sunflower seeds in bunker weight yield of 15.3 C/ha 15.9 t/ha a year earlier.

Continue the pace of harvesting is most strongly behind the Volga Federal district, where in connection with difficult weather conditions, the sunflower remains uncleared with 20% or 706 thousand hectares. In the Central Federal district remained to be thrashed 155 thousand hectares or 11% of crops in the South — 149 thousand ha or 8%. In the result of the backlog, the security of raw material factories in the Volga region by the beginning of December fell to 58%, while last year the figure was 77%, according to OilWorld. In the Central and southern Federal districts the supply of sunflower, collected by early December, even lower at 41% for the CFO (-5% by 2016) and 54% for the SFD (-1% in 2016).

However, due to the growth of acreage in physical terms harvest at the moment, second only to the record level of last year (11.3 million tons), experts say OilWorld. So, in 2013, that date was collected 9.9 million tonnes in 2014, 8.8 million tonnes in 2015 to 9.5 million tonnes. «given boborci sunflower in the spring of the gross harvest is expected at the level of 11.5−11.6 mln tonnes in bunker weight, that weight will be about 10.9 million tons», — experts predict. Thus, in their view, the boom in the market of raw materials associated with a lag in timing of harvesting and indirectly influence the growth of prices is «somewhat premature». «Spring dobarca sunflowers will help reduce the current backlog by providing raw materials in those regions of Russia which are key in the production of sunflower, which means that in the whole country, will affect the replenishment of stocks of raw materials and provision of processing capacity utilization at the level of last season. Given this situation, a small jump in input prices, we are presently witnessing, will not last long» — optimistic analysts OilWorld.

Forecast «Sovekon» final sunflower crop this year — 10.3 million tonnes, below the record in 2016, but higher than in previous years. The USDA in its December review has reduced the forecast of sunflower production in Russia up to 10.5 million tons, excluding Crimea (a little over 100 thousand tons). «The lower forecast this month, due mainly to wet weather in November in the major sunflower growing regions, including the Volga region and Central part of the country, as well as in the Northern part of the southern region. Humidity has led to a significant delay harvesting and, probably, to the fact that a significant part of the planned harvesting areas in some regions will escape,» said U.S. analysts. The absence until spring of this volume will add to the market some concern and nervousness had previously said, «the Agroinvestor» leading expert of IKAR, Daniel Khotko. Although, as the experience of Siberia in the previous season, the loss may not be as critical in early 2016 from under the snow, it managed to collect quite a good harvest.

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