"Obuv Rossii" will create a new production in the Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk, June 9, 2018

"Obuv Rossii" will create a new production in the Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk, June 9, 2018: the Group of companies «Obuv Rossii», one of the leaders of the Russian footwear market, plans to open a new Shoe factory in the village of Linevo of the Novosibirsk region, which received the status of the territory of advancing socio-economic development in March 2018. An investment project of factory on manufacture zelenotropyns shoes and Shoe bottom parts made of polymer materials Group, introduced today at the Board of investment of the Novosibirsk region. For the project in the structure of the Group created a new company — OOO «Avalink», which is registered in Linevo. The company plans to open a factory in the 3rd quarter of 2019, when at full capacity in 2023, the plant will produce 1.1 million pieces per year. The planned volume of investments will amount to 760 million rubles. The new factory will be involved including the existing production capacity of the company, which is located in Novosibirsk, and developed technology.

«Footwear of Russia» may become the first resident of the ADZ. «Linevo well located from the point of view of interaction with our main manufacturing facility in nearby Berdsk, as a result, we will receive the cooperation of the two companies. We believe that obtaining the status of ADZ, an important achievement of the regional authorities, which will attract new investors to the region. Our company is interested in the project, the ADZ was attended by as many players as possible, including of light industry, and related industries», comments Anton Titov, Director GK «Footwear of Russia».

«Obuv Rossii» plans to create on the territory of Linevo factory zelenotropyns shoes and Shoe bottom parts made of polymeric materials. The company already has experience in the production of polymer footwear, primarily from ethylene vinyl acetate: 2014 in Novosibirsk is an automated plant for the production of such shoes. At the moment, «Footwear of Russia» has developed and implemented such a range, such as: shale, clogs made entirely of EVA and with a combination of EVA and other materials; women's winter boots-quilted and men's winter solid boots for hunters and fishermen; women's summer shoes.

At the site in Linevo range of shoes will be expanded. The main marketing channel for the new production facility will become its own retail network of «Obuv Rossii», which now has more than 580 stores; in three years the company intends to increase to 1,000 stores. Also potential markets for factory are the market working shoes «the Footwear of Russia» already working with major food production facilities for the manufacture of such shoes; and footwear for hunting and fishing, where domestic products are of decent quality are presented in small volumes.

The market of plastic shoes is promising. By estimations Discovery Research Group, the volume in 2017 amounted to 51.3 million pairs, an increase compared to 2016 with 21.4%. Almost half of this market is domestic production, which is predominantly in the South of Russia, North Caucasus and the European part of the country. In Siberia and the far East large-scale production of polymer footwear is actually missing. According to forecasts of the DRG, the market in 2020 will increase to 63.8 million pairs.

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