MAYKOR-GMCS and AnyLogic become partners

MAYKOR-GMCS, one of the leading it companies, and the AnyLogic Company, a world leader in the field of simulation, has signed a partnership agreement

MAYKOR-GMCS and AnyLogic become partners

MAYKOR-GMCS, one of the leading it companies, and the AnyLogic Company, a world leader in the field of simulation, has signed a partnership agreement. Combining expertise of the two companies will allow us to offer advanced capabilities for tasks that cannot be solved using Excel spreadsheets and traditional methods of data.

The AnyLogic company is a Russian company with a pool of customers worldwide. More than 18 years, the company is engaged in the development of software for simulation modeling (eng. simulation modeling).

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, the subject gets the possibility to implement projects on the basis of all products in the line developed by the AnyLogic™, the flagship solution for simulation modeling, AnyLogic Cloud™, a web service to work online and solutions for the modeling and analysis of supply chains anyLogistix™.

Simulation modeling allows you to design business systems, scripts, and products of any level of complexity – safely, with maximum detail and with the changing time factors. In contrast to the analytical, the simulation model gives an opportunity not only to make forecasts with greater accuracy and understanding of how to achieve this goal with less risk and cost. In terms of digital economy development of simulation tools designed to provide additional benefits when planning changes and implementing them in practice.

«We highly appreciate potential solutions for simulation and are happy to partner with such an interesting Russian developer as a Successor. This type of modeling complements the more familiar naimisharanya analytical methods such as mathematical optimization, statistical analysis, linear programming, and allows for a fresh look at processes and situations. AnyLogic solutions include everything necessary to become a management standard for large business in the next 5 years», – says Konstantin Podlesny, Director of business solutions, MAYKOR-GMCS.

Over 15,000 companies use AnyLogic solutions for decision support regarding supply chain, production, transport, warehouse, asset management and infrastructure. AnyLogic supports the basic simulation techniques – system dynamics, discrete-event (process) and agent-based modeling. Thanks to the cloud web interface, simulation models can be used from anywhere, with any device, compare the results of the launches and optimizations, including to view the model in 2D and 3D formats.

«We believe that the partnership with MAYKOR-GMCS will allow us to strengthen positions in the Russian market, which is ready to use the accumulated data not only to analyze what is happening, but to predict and optimize processes and events. According to our estimates, the demand for simulation will increase, while professionals in this field remains limited. The expansion of the partner network will strengthen our competitiveness and make our solutions more affordable for customers,» saysSergey Suslov, Director of sales at the AnyLogic

About Company AnyLogic

The company AnyLogic – a multi-national team from Russia, Europe and USA with a global network of partners around the world. The company's flagship product is the program AnyLogic standard in the field of simulation. More than 40% of the Fortune 100 and the leaders of the Russian RBK 500 are clients of AnyLogic. The company is a partner of the National Society for simulation Modeling (NOEM).

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