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Looking for business investment? Sell the company or assets?

We work on the principle of a gentlemen's agreement confirming the terms of email.
Just write «I Agree to your terms» and we will go from there.

We are working on the investment market for over 5 years and know what it means reputation.


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1 year ago
3.5 years ago when my partner started Sapphire Capital we do not much bother about the name — Elena liked sapphires, so the company quickly called Sapphire.

As time went on, the story is clearly managed, and we had to register the trademark. It turned out that different Sapphires (suddenly) all over Russia — a lot more, including even those classes of service, where we work.

So now we are called "Uparta" ("Upart"). Translated from the Belarusian — "hard". This aptly describes our business model and our investment strategy — to keep going towards your goal no matter what, and the partners themselves look the same. And Yes, it's now not just a word, and a registered trademark :)

Nothing else has changed, we just changed the name and domain. My contact address now a@uparta.com

Our website: uparta.com/

Please :)